We have tried to cover the most common questions that most new clients have before making their purchasing decision of an ignition interlock device.

Vehicle Questions and Answers:

What do I do if my vehicle needs to be brought to a mechanic?

You have 3 options: 1. Stay with your car while its being serviced.

2. Give mechanic an extra mouth piece and train him how to blow into your device.

3. If your mechanic needs to work on your vehicle with the interlock turned off, you must have the monitoring agent send DriveSafe a letter stating that we can remove the system and then reinstall it after the mechanic is done with your vehicle. There is a charge for the removal and re-install.

Will my interlock ever shut my car off while I am driving?

No, the interlock device is not hooked up to the engine, it cannot shut the vehicle off.

What happens if my vehicle stauls in traffic?

You have 4 minutes to restart car without taking a breath test. The ignition interlock system has a staul protection system in case of vehicle failure.

What do I do if I take my car to a car wash?

Make sure you are waiting at the other end in case your vehicle is asking for a test.

Will the ignition interlock kill my car battery?

No, 4 minutes after shutting off your vehicle the device shuts itself off and maintains power through its internal battery.

Will installation of the ignition interlock damage or void my cars warrantee?

No, No holes are drilled. All wires installed for device are added on and will not damage or void warrantee of vehicle.

What will make me fail a breath test?

Anything containing alcohol (alcoholic beverages, mouth wash, foods cooked w/alcohol, some fermented fruits, some tooth pastes, cough medicine, listerine, inhalers, etc) will be reported as a violation to probation.

Can somebody else drive my car?

This is up to your probation officer/monitoring agency. If someone was to use your vehicle, all violations /records will be on your report.

How long will the device be in my vehicle?

The length of time is determined by probation and the courts.

Can I disconnect the handset and bring it into my home?

No, In New York State any handset disconnection constitutes a violation of probation.

What happens if I fail my breath test?

The BAC level of the fail will be on your report and sent directly to probation. 3 or more violations in one 28 day monitoring period will set your vehicle into violation reset mode. You will have 3 days to have your car serviced before it locks out.

What happens if I fail a test and I have not been drinking?

Rinse your mouth with water and keep taking a retest until you successfully pass the test. Your report will show detailed information which probation will read and determine its accuracy.


Who gets my monthly interlock report and how long does it take?

Your probation/monitoring agency will receive your report electronically within 3 days of your service.

Do you have 24/7 emergency service?

Yes-upon getting the device installed into your vehicle you will be given a 1800 emergency pager number.

What happens if I miss my service appointment?

You have 3 days to bring your vehicle to the shop to be serviced. At midnight on the 3rd day your vehicle will not start. You will then need to be towed to the shop for service or you must pay for a road service call to have us come to you.


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